The 10 Most Extreme Foods in the World

Not only interested in delicious food, many people are also interested in extreme foods. What distinguishes it from ordinary dishes? Extreme foods have ingredients, looks, or cooking methods that are hard to imagine. It does not always taste good and the price is sometimes very expensive. However, people still want to try it.

In many countries, there are various extreme foods. Each food has a distinctive flavor and very unique. No wonder if many people want to taste them. Are you curious and want to taste them too? Here is a list of 10 most extreme foods in the world.

1. Montana: Rocky Mountain Oysters, fried bull testicles

2. Mexico: Chapuline, insects with salt and chilli spices

3. Philippines: Balut, duck embryo in egg

4. Hong Kong: Snake Soup with vegetables

5. Italian: Casu Marzu, cheese full of maggots

6. Chinese: Virgin Boy Eggs, boy's urine immersion egg

7. Minnesota: Lutefisk, white fish soaked in alkali

8. Australia: Witchetty Grubs, raw caterpillars

9. Peru: Guinea Pig, an eaten pet

10. Indonesia: Durian, a very stingy fruit

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