10 Most Delicious Foods in Korea

Korea is not only famous for its entertainment industry. Many people visit this country to enjoy the culture, tradition, and culinary. Korean food is delicious. In contrast to simple Japanese food, Korean food is more complex because it is cooked with additional spices.

One of the most popular foods in Korea is kimchi, which is fermented vegetables. Sour food is often served when dining. Besides kimchi, there are many other Korean foods to try. Each has a unique taste and is hard to find in other countries. Curious what the culinary? Here are the 10 most delicious foods in Korea.

1. Banchan, various small portion of food

2. Bibimbap, Korean mixed rice

3. Bossam, pork belly stew

4. Chimaek, eat fried chicken while drinking beer

5. Chueotang, delicious fish soup

6. Gamang Gejang, raw crab with soy sauce

7. Gogigui, Korean-style barbeque

8. Gomtang or beef soup

9. Japchae, noodles with various toppings

10. Jjukumi, spicy octopus baby meat

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