10 Most Wanted Foods in Vietnam

Have you ever been to Vietnam? The country has many interesting attractions. Their foods are also varied. Vietnamese food usually uses rice paper, which is thin paper and translucent made of rice. Rice paper serves to wrap meat and vegetables into one roll.

Another characteristic of Vietnam is often serving raw vegetables as a complementary dish. The vegetables are up to a plate. Sure to satisfy the person who eats it. Curious what else is popular food in Vietnam? Here are 10 most wanted foods in this country.

1. Pho, delicious noodle with broth

2. Bun cha, a combination of noodles, meat, vegetables, and papaya

3. Bánh mì, meat and vegetable sandwiches

4. Bánh cuốn, pork and mushrooms are rolled together

5. Gỏi cuốn or summer rolls containing meat and vegetables

6. Chè or sweet soup with various ingredients

7. Hu tieu, pork bone soup

8. Bánh xèo, crepe containing pork and shrimp

9. Mi vit tiem or egg noodles with various toppings

10. Bia hơi, a famous spot for drinking beer in Vietnam

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