10 Most Wanted Foods in Europe

Every country in Europe has distinctive dish. Not only delicious, these foods are also famous for their beautiful appearance. Even the smell was good and arousing appetite. No wonder if many foreign tourists come to Europe for a culinary tour. They can taste a variety of delicious dishes there.

Among all foods in Europe, there are some foods that become people's favorites. These foods are famous for its delicious taste and affordable price. The domestic and foreign tourists love it. Are you curious what are the foods? Here is a list of 10 most wanted foods in Europe.

1. Austria: Würstel, sausage from pork or beef

2. Belgium: Waffle, soft cake with various toppings

3. Bosnia Herzegovina: Ćevapi, thin bread with sausage

4. Bulgaria: Banitsa, pie contains meat or spinach

5. Czech Republic: Trdelnik, sugar-filled cake

6. Denmark: Smørrebrød, sandwiches stuffed with meat and vegetables

7. Finland: Karjalanpiirakka, pie contains rice porridge

8. France: Crêpe, thin bread with various toppings

9. Germany: Pretzel, unique shaped bread

10. Italy: Margherita Pizza with basil, tomato, and cheese

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