10 Most Unique Foods in Laos

Ever heard of Laotian food? This country has a variety of delicious culinary. Each dish is made from fresh ingredients produced by the residents. That's why the quality is guaranteed. They also often use spices. No wonder if Laotian food is famous for its deliciousness. Many people love it.

If you are planning a visit to Laos, don't forget to take time for a culinary tour. There are various dishes to taste, sold in restaurants and street vendors. Each dish has its own uniqueness and deliciousness. Here is a list of 10 unique foods in Laos that must be tried.

1. Khao Jee Sandwich with various vegetable stuffing

2. Laab, minced meat salad with glutinous rice

3. Tam Mak Hoong, papaya salad with fish sauce

4. Khao Niaw, glutinous rice that is eaten everyday

5. Mok Pa, steamed fish meat with banana leaves

6. Khao Piak Sen, noodles with meat and vegetables

7. Naem Khao Tod, salad of rice, vegetables, and meat

8. Sai Oua, smoked pork sausage

9. Sien Savanh or beef jerky

10. Bia Lao or Laotian beer, often drinked while eating

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