10 Most Unique Foods in Indonesia

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has various cultures and languages. Not only that, every region also has special foods. Each food is made of fresh ingredients from their places. So don't be surprised if the taste is very unique. Foods that can be found in certain areas may not be found in other areas.

In Indonesia, there are a number of unique foods. The dish is made with unique ingredients and methods. No wonder if the results attract people's attention. Not only local residents, foreign tourists also love it. Here are 10 most unique foods in Indonesia.

1. Tempoyak, fermented durian fruit

2. Mandai, fried cempedak skin

3. Panada, pastel stuffed with skipjack tuna

4. Papeda, delicious sago porridge

5. Gulai Siput, curry made of snail meat

6. Batok Tawon, a honeycomb that contains larvae

7. Ampiang Dadiah, a combination of emping and yoghurt

8. Sup Konro, soup from spiced beef ribs

9. Soto Banjar, delicious soup with many ingredients

10. Binte Biluhuta made of corn

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