10 Most Unique Foods in India

Indian food is notoriously rich in spices. The taste of the cuisine tends to be spicy, strong, and pungent. The most popular spice of Indians is masala, which is a combination of various herbs. Masala is mixed into various foods like curry, soup, fried rice, cookies, and drinks. That's what makes Indian cuisine very unique.

Every year, many tourists from various countries visit India to enjoy the culinary. There are various dishes to try on the spot. Not only that, there are various sweets and snacks that can be brought home. Immediately, here are 10 most unique foods in India.

1. Parantha, thin and crunchy Indian bread

2. Chaat, snack that is often sold on Indian streets

3. Tandoori Chicken, deep-spiced chicken

4. Kebabs, meat dishes that rich in spices

5. Chole Bhatures, often served at breakfast

6. Biryani, rice with spicy ingredients

7. Nihari, chicken with delicious broth

8. Indian spring rolls, often sold on the street

9. Momo, dumpling snack

10. Various sweets for dessert

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