10 Most Popular Foods in Myanmar

Planning a visit to Myanmar? Spend some time for a culinary tour. The country has a unique food flavor. Because it uses a lot of spices, the dish tastes better. Cooking methods continue to grow from year to year. The type of food is always evolving, but did not leave the traditional flavor. That's what makes a lot of people love Myanmar food.

Every year, tourists from all over the world come to this country. Not only want to see the attractions and life of its citizens, they also want to taste the famous culinary. Are you curious what dishes are often looking for? Here are 10 famous foods in Myanmar.

1. Tea leaf salad with a combination of various vegetables

2. Rice Shan with fish meat

3. Curry with various types of meat and vegetables

4. Sweet buns, often eat while drinking tea

5. Sweet snacks from various fruits

6. Various fried foods such as spring rolls and samosas

7. Mie Shan made from long bean flour

8. Nangyi Thoke, noodles with meat and egg toppings

9. Mohinga, noodles with vegetable broth sauce

10. Mie Shan with chicken or pork meats

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