10 Most Popular Foods in Japan

Japan is famous for its healthy food. They often eat raw fish as sushi and sashimi, a nutrient-rich dish. That's why life expectancy in Japan is relatively high. The residents regularly eat foods that are balanced nutrition. Before leaving school, students usually eat miso soup provided at home. The soup is simple but healthy.

Many tourists are interested in Japanese food flavors. It's incomplete if you come there without a culinary tour. No need to worry about the price, because the food there is relatively affordable. Cleanliness is also guaranteed. Here are 10 most popular foods in Japan.

1. Healthy Sushi

2. Delicious Ramen

3. Tempura, fried meat or vegetables with flour

4. Rice curry, very popular dish

5. Okonomiyaki, Japanese-style pizza

6. Shabu shabu, a kind of stew

7. Miso soup, simple and delicious

8. Yakitori, delicious grilled meat

9. Onigiri, a simple way to eat rice

10. Udon from wheat noodles

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