10 Most Popular Foods in England

Every year, many tourists come to England. This country is famous for its classic and interesting tourist objects. In addition, culinary in England is also very delicious. You have to spend enough time for enjoying the fine cuisine of this country. What if you do not have a chance to visit firsthand? No need to worry, there are many restaurants in various countries that specialize in providing English cuisine.

Like other European countries, England does not use spices much. The taste of the food tends to be soft and light. The chefs combine a variety of crispy meats and vegetables. The dish is eaten while drinking a glass of delicious wine.

1. Fish and chips, a combination of fried fish and chips

2. Eccles cake, crispy cake containing raisins

3. Black pudding made from lard and blood

4. Laverbread, bread with seaweed toppings

5. Cullen skink, delicious soup from haddock fish

6. Scotch egg, boiled egg wrapped in fried sausage

7. Delicious kidney pie

8. Yorkshire pudding which is soft and melts in the mouth

9. Shepherd's pie made of meat and potatoes

10. Toad in the hole, a delicious sausage dish

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