10 Most Favorite Foods in France

French food has been famous in world. Not only because it tastes delicious, but also because of its beautiful appearance. The combination of these two makes French food so popular in the international cooking world. Many chefs are studying food in this country before creating their own creations.

Actually what does French food look like? If you are curious on the original flavor, come directly to the country. You can also taste it in your home country as many people have opened a French restaurant. In order not to confuse what to order, just check out the list of 10 most popular foods in France below.

1. Cassoulet, white beans with duck meat and pork

2. Foie Gras, the famous goose liver dish

3. Poulet Basquaise, chicken meat with special sauce

4. Escargots à La Bourguignonne, a dish of conch

5. Mouclade Charentaise, mussels with various spices

6. Breton Galettes, salted crepe with stuffed meat

7. Carbonnade Flamande, slowly-cooked beef

8. Quiche Lorraine, tart with various stuffing

9. Bouillabaisse, fish and vegetable soup

10. Gratin Dauphinois, delicious creamy potatoes

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