10 Most Expensive Foods in the World

There are different types of food in the world, from simple to complex. The price is also varied. Typically, foods made from standard ingredients will be sold at affordable prices. What if it made of rare ingredients or difficult method? The food will be sold at an expensive price, even up to millions for one serving of food. Only some people are able and willing to buy it.

Here are 10 most expensive foods in the world. Each food has uniqueness that make people interested in buying it. That's because of rare ingredients, difficult cooking methods, amazing promotions, and so forth.

1. Moose Cheese, $ 1,074 per kilogram

2. Iberian Ham, $ 392 per kilogram

3. Japanese Wagyu Steak, $ 450 per kilogram

4. Indonesian Cemani Black Chicken, $ 200 per chicken

5. White Truffle, $ 2,100 per kilogram

6. Saffron, $ 400 to $ 1,000 per kilogram

7. Bird's Nest Soup, $ 3,000 per kilogram

8. White Pearl Albino Caviar, $ 9,100 per kilogram

9. Luwak Coffee, $ 250 to $ 1,200 per kilogram

10. Matsutake Mushroom, $ 600 per kilogram

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