10 Most Disgusting Foods in the World

People doesn't only look for delicious foods. Unique, extreme, and disgusting foods also often arouse curiosity. Many people are desperate to try it. Does it taste delicious? Not necessarily. They are made from a variety of unique ingredients and unusual cooking methods.

In result, the food looked disgusting. The smell is also different from ordinary foods. Common people probably will not try it. However, there are types of people who really like things like that. They are willing to pay high for trying it. Are you curious what are the foods? Here is a list of 10 most disgusting foods in the world.

1. Scary fried tarantula

2. Fried scorpions that oily

3. Whole rat meat that very disgusting

4. Silkworms eaten whole

5. Guinea pig, an eaten pet

6. Rotten cheese full of maggots

7. Hakarl, shark meat fermented for three months

8. Poisonous fugu fish

9. Balut, egg contains duck embryo

10. Octopus eaten alive

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