10 Most Delicious Foods in Philippines

Interested in trying Filipino food? This country has a variety of distinctive dishes that use lots of seasonings. That's why Western tourists love it. They rarely eat such dishes in their home country. No wonder every year the number of tourists in the Philippines is increasing. Not only because of the interesting attractions, but also because the culinary is delicious and amazing.

Being surrounded by the sea, Filipinos often cook fish and other seafood. The meat is guaranteed fresh because it was only caught. With a combination of herbs and crunchy vegetables, it becomes more delicious. Here are 10 of the best foods in the Philippines.

1. Adobo, boiled meat with soy sauce and vinegar

2. Kare-Kare, meat stew with peanut sauce

3. Lechon, a griled pig

4. Sinigang, delicious seafood soup

5. Crispy Pata, crunchy fried pork legs

6. Sisig, pork dish with raw egg

7. Palabok, fine cuisine with various toppings

8. Bistek Tagalog, steak with onion slices

9. Fried Lumpia with stuffed meat and vegetables

10. Beef Kaldereta, beef stew with tomato sauce

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