10 Most Delicious Foods in Italy

Italy is famous as one of the country that has many delicious food. Not only have superior taste, their food also have interesting look. Italian dishes are usually beautiful and attract people's attention. No wonder if many foreign tourists are interested to taste it. Once tried, they become addicted to the foods.

One of the reasons that makes Italian cuisine so delicious is the hereditary recipe. Despite steadily developing, Italian food today still retains its traditional flavors. That's what makes people love them. Every year many foreign tourists come there for a culinary tour. Here are 10 of the best meals in Italy.

1. Pasta, daily food in Italy

2. Arancini, crispy fried rice ball

3. Lasagna with much sauce and cheese

4. Osso buco alla Milanese, meat with white wine

5. Prosciutto, raw dried ham

6. Ribollita, leftover food cooked into soup

7. Saltimbocca, beef stuffed with herb leaves

8. Gelato, Italian ice cream

9. Torrone, candy made from egg whites and nuts

10. Tiramisu, delicious cakes made from coffee

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