10 Most Delicious Foods in Indonesia

Indonesia has a lot of typical food from various regions. Each has its own distinct characteristics. Certain regions have extremely delicious foods. Everyone likes it because it uses spices. This seasoning is the taste of culinary Nusantara.

Not only local people, Indonesian food is also liked by foreign tourists. They see a variety of distinctive culinary. They bring them back to their country for sharing with other people. Here are 10 of the most delicious food in Indonesia. There are foods made of meat, noodles, and so forth. Happy reading!

1. Mie Aceh - tasty and spicy

2. Bika Ambon - very sweet

3. Rendang Padang - delicious

4. Jambi Fish Curry - very good

5. Gudeg Yogyakarta - legit

6. Riau Belacan Stirrups - addictive

7. Empek-Empek Palembang - chewy

8. Excellent Bangka noodles

9. Seruit Lampung - delicious

10. The famous Jakarta Telor Crust

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