10 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Tasty food is not enough for some people. They want unique, extreme, and irresistible foods. That's why there are dangerous dishes. Each dish is made of poisonous ingredients and risky to eat. If not processed properly, it could be fatal for people who eat them. But it only adds to the attraction.

Are you curious what is included in the list of the most dangerous foods? A number of countries are on the list. Each offers a typical meal and is rarely found in any other country. That's why the price can be expensive. Here are 10 most dangerous foods in the world.

1. Ackee, a poisonous fruit from Africa

2. Fugu, a poisonous fish from Japan

3. Rhubarb, a vegetable that contains oxalic acid

4. Blood shells containing much bacteria

5. Casu marzu, cheese full of maggots

6. San-nakji, baby octopus eaten alive

7. Hákarl, poisonous fermented shark flesh

8. Raw cashew nuts containing insecticides

9. Bullfrog, poisonous toad from Africa

10. Elderberry that can make the body sick

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