10 Most Beautiful Foods in the World

Besides taste, there is another important thing of food. That's its appearance. Bad looking food would be considered to have a bad taste. Therefore, don't be surprised if the chefs try to make food as interesting as possible. The goal is that people are interested to see the dish, then interested in eating it.

No wonder the appearance of food is often highlighted by the critics. That point becomes important judgment for food. In fact, many chefs are competing to make food as beautiful as possible. Nevertheless, they keep it up with delicious flavors. Curious to know what the foods are? Here are 10 of the most beautiful foods in the world.

1. Red Fruits from the Garden (Spain)

2. White Tuna Poached in Olive Oil (New York)

3. Heart of Palm (Chicago)

4. Confit of Moulard Duck "Foie Gras" (California)

5. Eggs Caviar (New York)

6. Royal Sterling Caviar "Vichyssoise" of Caraquet Oysters (New York)

7. Snails on a Tin (Spain)

8. Glazed Beetrot with Sauce (Copenhagen)

9. Mussels en Escabeche (Los Angeles)

10. Cyber ​​Egg (Italy)

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