10 Indonesian Foods that Similar to Japanese Food

Though separated by distance, it turns out that Indonesia and Japan have a number of similar foods. Each food is made from ingredients originating from their countries. The food's shape is similiar, but the taste is different. Indonesian cuisine also tends to be more spicy because it uses a lot of spices. Meanwhile, Japanese cuisine tends to be simpler in order to maintain the original taste of its basic ingredients.

Indonesia and Japan have similar cooking methods like frying and boiling. Perhaps that's the cause of similiar food's appearance from both countries. Here is a list of 10 Indonesian foods that are very similar to Japanese food.

1. Ramen - Mie Ayam

2. Gyoza - Pangsit

3. Dango - Klepon

4. Yakitori - Sate

5. Dorayaki - Apem

6. Yakisoba - Mie Goreng

7. Sushi - Lemper

8. Mochi - Onde-onde

9. Onigiri - Lontong

10. Yakimeshi - Nasi Goreng

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