10 Cheap Foods in Malaysia

As a developing country, Malaysia is well known as a cheap tourist destination. Their prices of goods are relatively affordable, including the price of food. There are a variety of delicious dishes that are only available in this country. Each dish has a unique flavor. Malaysian food is famous for its tastiness because it uses a lot of spices.

If you want to taste Malaysian food, don't worry about the prices. There are many places that sell food at affordable prices, from restaurants to seller on the roadside. So the tourists don't have to be afraid of hunger despite limited money. Here are 10 cheap foods in Malaysia that are interesting to try.

1. Rice and side dishes served on a banana leaf

2. Nasi Dagang, rice with curry seasoning fish meats

3. Hokkien Char Mee, fried noodles with special sauce

4. Nasi Kandar, rice seasoned with curry spices

5. Nasi Lemak, rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves

6. Canai, thin and soft bread

7. Sang Har Mee, noodles with fresh shrimp meat

8. Rojak, sweet fruits and vegetables slices

9. Sate or griled meat slices

10. Murtabak, a combination of eggs with meat and vegetables

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