10 Best-Selling Foods in the World

There are different types of food in the world like appetizers, main meals, desserts, and snacks. Each type is made of different ingredients and cooking methods. That's why it feels unique. Among all, there are some foods that very famous and becomes people's favorites around the world.

These foods are often found in common places, like in restaurants and street store. Its popularity has spread everywhere. Not only because it tastes delicious, but also because of its memorable look. Many people try to imitate the recipes. Are you curious what food is most popular? Here are 10 best-selling foods in the world.

1. Hamburger with various stuffing

2. Chinese foods

3. Pizza with various toppings

4. Crunchy fried chicken

5. Mexican food in variety of colors

6. Ice cream with many selections of flavors

7. Refreshing yoghurt

8. Sandwich with various stuffing

9. A delicious hotdog with mayonnaise spreads

10. Crispy and salty french fries

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