10 Best Foods in Africa

Africa has many unique foods. Each food is made of fresh ingredients from their places. There are many cooking methods like frying and roasting. The result is vary. There are rice, bread, side dishes, vegetables, and dessert. They taste delicious and addictive.

Every year, people come to Africa not just for traveling, but also for a culinary journey. The food there is often not sold in other countries. That's why the tourists want to eat as much food as possible, especially the best foods. Here is a list of 10 best foods in Africa that must be tried.

1. Sardines - Morocco

2. Dholl Puri - Mauritius

3. Chichinga - Ghana

4. Forodhani & Dafu - Zanzibar

5. Akara - Nigeria

6. Koshary, Taameya & Fuul Medammis - Egypt

7. Bhajia Potato - Kenya

8. Accara - Senegal

9. Mozambique Shrimp - Mozambique

10. Rabbit Meat - South Africa

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