10 Best Arabic Foods

Arabic cuisine is well known for using a lot of spices. The various meats are cooked slowly until tender and the marinade permeates. Usually, people cooks goats, cows, chickens, and fish. Pork is rarely found in Arab because the majority of the population is Muslim. Therefore, there is halal food everywhere.

Traditional Arabic cuisine is enjoyed with fresh drinks. Because, that country is very hot. The tourists from abroad are not used of that, moreover they have to wear closed clothes. But calm down, all that paid off by the delicious food and drink. Here are 10 best meals in Arab.

1. Hummus made of beans

2. Tabouleh, a typical Arabian salad

3. Batata Harra, garlic seasoning fries

4. Warak Enab made of grape leaves

5. Kefta, a dish of mutton or beef

6. Labneh, typical Arabian yoghurt

7. Tagine, meat and vegetable dishes

8. Halva, sweet food made from peanut butter

9. Fattoush, crunchy bread and vegetables

10. Mansaf, mutton with yoghurt

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