10 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Tasty food is not enough for some people. They want unique, extreme, and irresistible foods. That's why there are dangerous dishes. Each dish is made of poisonous ingredients and risky to eat. If not processed properly, it could be fatal for people who eat them. But it only adds to the attraction.

Are you curious what is included in the list of the most dangerous foods? A number of countries are on the list. Each offers a typical meal and is rarely found in any other country. That's why the price can be expensive. Here are 10 most dangerous foods in the world.

1. Ackee, a poisonous fruit from Africa

2. Fugu, a poisonous fish from Japan

3. Rhubarb, a vegetable that contains oxalic acid

4. Blood shells containing much bacteria

5. Casu marzu, cheese full of maggots

6. San-nakji, baby octopus eaten alive

7. Hákarl, poisonous fermented shark flesh

8. Raw cashew nuts containing insecticides

9. Bullfrog, poisonous toad from Africa

10. Elderberry that can make the body sick

10 Unique Foods in Spain

Spanish food is famous all over the world, thanks to its delicious taste. Not only that, its colorful look is also the main attraction. Spaniards are good at blending reddish flesh color with green vegetable color. Not only that, other ingredients in yellow, purple, brown, and so on were added.

Every year, many tourists from various countries visit Spain. Not only to enjoy the tourist objects, but also to try the culinary. The taste of its food is usually spicy and tangy, balanced with a fresh drink. Here is a list of 10 most unique foods in Spain.

1. Pulpo a la Gallega, a dish of octopus

2. Gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup

3. Jamon, delicious dry ham

4. Chorizo, garlic seasoned pork sausage

5. Empanada Gallega, pie contains meat and vegetables

6. Rabo de Toro, stew from oxtail

7. Arros Negre, rice with squid's black ink

8. Fabada Asturiana, stew of beans and sausage

9. Pimientos de Padrón, fried green peppers

10. Gambas al Ajillo, garlic spiced shrimp

10 Most Delicious Foods in Italy

Italy is famous as one of the country that has many delicious food. Not only have superior taste, their food also have interesting look. Italian dishes are usually beautiful and attract people's attention. No wonder if many foreign tourists are interested to taste it. Once tried, they become addicted to the foods.

One of the reasons that makes Italian cuisine so delicious is the hereditary recipe. Despite steadily developing, Italian food today still retains its traditional flavors. That's what makes people love them. Every year many foreign tourists come there for a culinary tour. Here are 10 of the best meals in Italy.

1. Pasta, daily food in Italy

2. Arancini, crispy fried rice ball

3. Lasagna with much sauce and cheese

4. Osso buco alla Milanese, meat with white wine

5. Prosciutto, raw dried ham

6. Ribollita, leftover food cooked into soup

7. Saltimbocca, beef stuffed with herb leaves

8. Gelato, Italian ice cream

9. Torrone, candy made from egg whites and nuts

10. Tiramisu, delicious cakes made from coffee

10 Most Unique Foods in Indonesia

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has various cultures and languages. Not only that, every region also has special foods. Each food is made of fresh ingredients from their places. So don't be surprised if the taste is very unique. Foods that can be found in certain areas may not be found in other areas.

In Indonesia, there are a number of unique foods. The dish is made with unique ingredients and methods. No wonder if the results attract people's attention. Not only local residents, foreign tourists also love it. Here are 10 most unique foods in Indonesia.

1. Tempoyak, fermented durian fruit

2. Mandai, fried cempedak skin

3. Panada, pastel stuffed with skipjack tuna

4. Papeda, delicious sago porridge

5. Gulai Siput, curry made of snail meat

6. Batok Tawon, a honeycomb that contains larvae

7. Ampiang Dadiah, a combination of emping and yoghurt

8. Sup Konro, soup from spiced beef ribs

9. Soto Banjar, delicious soup with many ingredients

10. Binte Biluhuta made of corn

10 Indonesian Foods that Similar to Japanese Food

Though separated by distance, it turns out that Indonesia and Japan have a number of similar foods. Each food is made from ingredients originating from their countries. The food's shape is similiar, but the taste is different. Indonesian cuisine also tends to be more spicy because it uses a lot of spices. Meanwhile, Japanese cuisine tends to be simpler in order to maintain the original taste of its basic ingredients.

Indonesia and Japan have similar cooking methods like frying and boiling. Perhaps that's the cause of similiar food's appearance from both countries. Here is a list of 10 Indonesian foods that are very similar to Japanese food.

1. Ramen - Mie Ayam

2. Gyoza - Pangsit

3. Dango - Klepon

4. Yakitori - Sate

5. Dorayaki - Apem

6. Yakisoba - Mie Goreng

7. Sushi - Lemper

8. Mochi - Onde-onde

9. Onigiri - Lontong

10. Yakimeshi - Nasi Goreng

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